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Setting up your CNAME & Sub-domain


When your attendees are invited to a webinar, they will see 

However, you can change this URL to a Domain Name that you own, such as 

What domain name can I choose?

It's up to you! 

How can I set up my own domain?

Setting up a custom domain requires some technical configuration by you: 

1. Choose a domain name 


2. Add a CNAME record 

This will need to be done by whoever manages your domain name. In your DNS settings, add a CNAME record for your that points to This will allow us to serve your traffic.

After you've done that, please add your CNAME in your Settings in the second field and click Continue.

After you do that, refresh the page and the CNAME will be saved (you will see a green tick).

3. Add a Sub-domain

Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. With connecting that, the domains of your events are more personalized.

To set a sub-domain, please enter the name of it in the first field and click Save Changes.

After you do that, refresh the page and the subdomain will be saved (you will see a green tick).

4.  Setting up secure connection (SSL/HTTPS)

If you use Cloudflare as your DNS provider, you'll need to set up the CNAME record in the control panel and enable proxy (orange cloud-enabled by default)

Alternatively, send us an SSL certificate if you have one. An SSL certificate can be bought for your domain (ex.\

Send us the certificate bundle and the private key at and we will connect them with your CNAME.

SSL Checker

You can check if your SSL certificate is installed properly & trusted by browsers by putting your domain in the Your Website URL field.